Employer Services
Employer Services

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  • • Critical Incident Debriefing
  • • Management and Organization Consultation
  • • Substance Abuse/Return to Work Evaluations
  • • Department of Transportation Certified Substance Abuse Evaluations
  • • Stress Management Workshops
  • • Communication and Problem Solving Workshops
  • • Fitness for Duty Evaluations
  • • Employee Assistance Counseling Programs
  • • Psychologically Healthy Workplace Consulting

Pre-employment evaluations

Police officers, firefighters, safety sensitive positions, executive selection. Many city and state government agencies as well as private entities use our preemployment psychological evaluation services. These companies use our services in order to select the very best candidates for the job. Selecting the best candidate is extremely valuable. Properly selected personnel results in reduced turnover, improved morale, high productivity, and reduced liability.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Many employers recognize the importance of providing easy and affordable access to counseling for employees and their dependents who may be experiencing personal or family problems. If marital conflict, parenting problems, child and adolescent issues, financial/legal problems, bad health habits, etc. occur, productivity at work declines and medical costs increase. EAP services reduce these “costs” and help employees and their family members regain happy, healthy, and productive lives.

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Critical Incident Debriefing

When tragedy effects the emotional well being of your employees, we are here to help. Our counselors are trained to counsel and support those who have experienced or witnessed a tragedy. We have responded on site to a number of critical situations including bank robberies, police shootings, suicides, auto accidents, murders, and severe industrial accidents. Our counselors have saved many people from the excessive aftermath, which follows traumatic events, which can rob employees of their sleep, health, and ability to focus at work.

Sandwich Seminars

If your employees’ morale is important to you, you may want one of our speakers to address your group. Our speakers provide brief practical talks with good information that is easy to implement.

Fitness for duty evaluations

On occasion, an employee may cause concern for the safety of other employees, or the employee may suffer from problems, which make them unable to perform their job. In these situations, our psychologists provide expert evaluation of the employee and recommend a return to work plan, which best fits the employee and the employer need.

Management and organizational consultation

Dr. Szykula has experience and training in organizational psychology. Over the years, Dr. Steve has consulted with family owned and private businesses to improve work flow, communication, decision making, accountability, and cooperation. These consultations have led to improved morale and higher productivity.

Department of Transportation certified substance abuse evaluations

When an employee tests positive for drugs or alcohol, you want to know what they need before allowing them back to work. CDL/DOT certified transporation and heavy equipment operators as well as any other employee who requires in a safety sensitive or information sensitive position require appropriate intervention recommendations and a return to work plan. We are experienced providers of this service.

Healthy work place consultation and programming

Dr. Szykula and several of his associates are skilled and experienced in healthy work place assessment and program development. We strive to match your capacity as an employer/business to the health and wellness programs that would be most valued by your employees and your business. This creates a win win resulting in improved morale, improved health, and enhanced productivity.

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Employer Services

Comprehensive Psychological Services has a solid history of providing behavioral health services, which are driven by business industry and government agencies. These services have included pre-employment evaluations for:

• Public safety, fire, and police
• Employee assistance counseling and associated programming
• Family business consultation services
• Health and wellness consultation, and assessment services
• Critical incident debriefing; return to work consultation and counseling