Education and Training Services

Offered by Dr. Szykula and his team of presenters from professionals…

“Over the years we have been honored by many different professional groups and agencies who have selected us to provide seminars, workshops and consultations related to psychology and behavioral health. The content of our presentations and trainings is “solid” and evidence based, while our presentations are dynamic, fun, and interactive.”

Settings and Professions receiving previously delivered trainings:

• Law Enforcement
• Public Safety / First Responders
• Government Administration and Staff
• Educators
• Social Services Caseworkers
• Behavioral Health Professionals
• Medical Professionals and Support Staff
• Jail and Prison Custody Officers and Staff
• Skilled Nursing Facilities and Rehab Centers

Examples of Training Content

• Implicit and explicit bias in hiring and when providing services.
• Recognizing mental illness and knowing what treatments are available and how to refer.
• How to communicate with citizens in distress and those who may be diagnosed with serious mental illness.
• How stress and trauma experiences effect our perception, problem-solving and bias.
• Burn out: How to sustain job satisfaction and purpose in times of trouble.
• What about me? Self-care and access to behavioral health services when needed.
• Suicide Prevention: The Elephant in the Room.
• Strategic communication skills for police and public safety
• Communicating with irate and difficult citizens.
• Leadership and Supervision: Best Practices for Best Results.

“How to” Seminars and Workshops for general public as well as Behavioral Health Professionals

• Reducing anxiety and obsessive worry.
• Reducing depression.
• Reducing trauma related symptoms.
• Reducing symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder.
• How to motive and discipline challenging children.
• Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: What parents should know.
• Developing a behavioral health practice. What you professors didn’t tell you.