When considering your or a loved one’s future, please consider neurofeedback training. This training has been shown to be durable beyond short term medication and counseling effects for conditions related to brain function.

Dr. Steve and his team of training specialists have offered EEG-Neurofeedback brain training for the past 20+ years. Neurofeedback offers individuals a durable brain training effect. Research scientist Dr. Joel Lubar demonstrated that neurofeedback reduces symptoms, increases blood flow in the brain, and makes the brain’s EEG more efficient and stable. Research has proven that neurofeedback works with attention problems, anxiety, post-trauma reactivity, migraines, seizures, learning disabilities, head injury recovery and other brain involved problems.

Children and adults with patterns of low arousal (spacey, lethargic), high arousal (hyperactive, agitated, anxious), as well as patterns of dysregulation (explosive anger, migraines, seizures, uncontrollable weeping, substance cravings) benefit from neurofeedback brain training.

Dr. Steve: “Neurofeedback is not a pill. It’s training. It’s a fitness program for the brain. But unlike going to the gym to build muscle, the brain holds onto its strengthening long-term. Over the past 30 years, thousands of children and adults who have received EEG neurofeedback have reduced or eliminated the need for medications and have improved functioning and performance. Without neurofeedback, many of these individuals would have continued to suffer from worry, stress, irritability and anger, mood swings, excessive cravings, insomnia, headaches, and poor concentration. EEG neurofeedback training has resulted in improved school performance, improved relationships, reduced pain, sustained sobriety, and reduced psychological distress.”

How We Do Neurofeedback Training

Neurofeedback services begin with an orientation and comprehensive evaluation. After meeting with Dr. Steve or one of his neurofeedback associates, a specific evaluation plan is established and conducted. This evaluation identifies specific training needs and establishes a pre-training baseline of functioning.

Because neurofeedback is training, individuals need to be prepared to schedule 2 or 3 visits per week. An optimal training schedule includes 20 sessions. Most individuals participate in 20 to 30 sessions. The number of sessions received depends on the severity of the individual’s problems and his/her response to training.

Neurofeedback Fees and payment

Cost of Evaluation: The cost for the neurofeedback evaluation is $400. Insurance may pay part of the evaluation fee.

Cost of Training: Neurofeedback training is priced at $80 per session. Prepayments are due in advance of 10 session intervals. During training, Dr. Steve or Dr (Tatum)Siebert and their assistants will meet with you to discuss progress on a regular basis.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD) & Neurofeedback

When a child, adolescent, or adult has difficulty sustaining and regulating attention problems can occur. Over the past 16 years, we have trained hundreds of clients to reduce hyperactivity and impulsivity and enhance concentration and attention. EEG brain wave training results in positive outcomes such as improved grades in school, reduced conduct problems, improved work performance, and improved relationships. Scientific research supports the use of neurofeedback training. Please view the links below illustrating this research and videos on ADD.

In addition to or separate from the neurofeedback training, our professionals also offer behavioral and medication therapies. See our list of services and professionals. We appreciate you and your referrals to our service.

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ADD/ADHD & Neurofeedback

ADD/ADHD Research Articles on EEG Info
Autism & Asperger's & Neurofeedback

Many children, adolescents, and adults who have been diagnosed and treated for autism and Asperger’s continue to have problems with anger, with social relations, with obsessions, and with impulse control. These individuals present with problems that are reflective of a brain that has not yet matured and integrated itself.

Dysregulation, awareness deficits, and obsessions dominate. Neurofeedback has been shown to help individuals resolve these troublesome patterns. Many of the clients we have trained over the years have learned through neurofeedback to self-regulate which has led to their becoming more productive and self-sufficient. Others have significantly reduced their problems and have achieved a more balanced and higher quality of life.

Also please see our list of services and professionals. We appreciate you and your referrals to our service.

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Autism & Neurofeedback

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Migraine Headaches & Neurofeedback

Migraines, as well as tension headaches, are very disruptive to our lives. Medication treatments often
fall short in their effectiveness.

EEG Neurofeedback training has been shown to reduce headache frequency, intensity, and duration.

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Migraine Headaches & Neurofeedback

Peak Performance & Neurofeedback

When you require and take pride in performing at your peak, you organize yourself to attain “the edge.” That edge is important to you, whether you are an athlete, writer, musician, or scientist. Peak performance requires optimal brain function. Olympic athletes, professional sports stars, musicians, and scientists alike have applied EEG Neurofeedback training to improve their game.

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Peak Performance & Neurofeedback

Anxiety, Tension, Sleep Issues & Neurofeedback

Many people suffer from feelings of tension, panic, worry, and nervousness.
These problems interfere with a person’s life.

Sleep problems, loneliness, even concentration problems that reduce school, work performance and social relationships are affected. Neurofeedback training has been proven to “calm” the brain and make it more efficient. Neurofeedback training helps the brain settle down and if it “hits a bump” helps the brain settle down more quickly. Scientists have studied the effects of neurofeedback training, meditation, formal breathing and medication. All have resulted in improvements in the problems noted above. But only neurofeedback directly trains the brain to better take care of itself and you.

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Also please see our list of services and professionals. We appreciate you and your referrals to our service.

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Anger & Mood Dysregulation & Neurofeedback

Everybody gets angry or experiences low mood at some time. However, many adults, children and adolescents suffer from extreme dysregulation when their anger or mood suddenly changes and the emotions don’t subside.

Children can’t stop tantruming; adolescents lose control with screaming and aggression; adults exhibit intense anger and emotionally lose it. These dysregulations cause many people serious problems: expulsion from school, child or spouse abuse, damaged relationships, arrests, and lost jobs. Neurofeedback training has helped many people regain their lives by helping them regulate anger and mood.

Our bias is to help people in the least restrictive way. Counseling and neurofeedback training are often the first choice for many. Sometimes, however, medicines may be needed to also address anger and mood problems. We’ve helped many people over the years. The goal of most clients has been to reduce their medicines or eliminate the need for medicines. Often neurofeedback training and counseling enable people to meet this goal.

Also please see our list of services and professionals. We appreciate you and your referrals to our service.

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