Steven Szykula, Ph.D.

Welcome to Comprehensive Psychological Services. I’m Dr Steve. Since 1986, your behavioral health and physical wellness have been our priorities. We have attracted the very best doctors and counselors to practice from our two locations serving Salt Lake City and West Valley. We have helped children and adults of all ages. We also provide expert evaluation services including child custody evaluations, learning disability evaluations, autism and ADHD screening and testing and much more. For employers we offer services such as pre-employment evaluations, wellness/health assessments, return to work consultations, critical incident debriefing and employee assistance counseling programs.

Our clients have appreciated the improvements they have made as a result of the services provided. Reduced symptoms, improved relationships, enhanced concentration and performance are the outcomes derived from our work.

PhD — University of Tennessee at Knoxville (1977)

Special Learning Center, Sevier County, TN
Family Teaching Center, Helena, MT

Specialty Areas
Custody Evaluations
Psychological Evaluations
Psycho-educational Evaluations

Patient/Client Age Ranges
Child, Adolescent, Adult

Other Interests
Spectator sports

Get Off the Bus
by Steven A. Szykula, Ph.D.

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