Child Custody Evaluation

Introduction. Dr. Steven Szykula and Dr. Tatum Siebert are psychologists experienced in providing child custody evaluations and parent-time evaluations. Court orders are required to initiate these evaluations.

We work diligently to reach conclusions about what is best for the children regarding legal custody and parent-time. We always take into account and respect both parents’ and the children’s opinions, etc. We are sensitive to a parents love for their child and the importance of parent-child relationships.

Cost. To begin, a $1,500 deposit and a court order is needed. Also, there are informed consent agreements, etc. to be signed.

A typical cost for a child custody evaluation with one child is approximately $3,500. In some cases this cost will be more if there are many children or significant others who need to be evaluated or whose input is required to do a thorough evaluation. We will discuss fees with you before an evaluation is started.

Child Custody Consultation Service. Dr. Szykula also contracts with attorneys and clients as a consultant for child custody cases and for child custody evaluation analysis of evaluations already conducted which may be challenged. Costs for this work is established separately.