Jared Moser, ACMHC

“There are far better things ahead, than any we leave behind – C.S. Lewis”

Hello, my name is Jared Moser and I specialize in working with children, teenagers, young
adults, and families. I focus on areas such as depression, anxiety, behavioral changes, ADHD,
and coping skills. Life is a unique journey for each of us. In each of our journeys through life,
there are challenging and tough times that can be difficult to navigate but you do not need to go
through those experiences alone. I take a laid-back approach to counseling where I aim to make
each individual feel safe and comfortable to talk about their experiences, thoughts, and emotions.
If you have any questions of if I am the right fit for you feel free to reach out. I look forward to
meeting you and helping in the unique experience of life.